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26.09.19 – Dima Bondarev Quintet


Dima Bondarev Quartet

Dima Bondarev – trumpet
Attila Muehl – guitar
Igor Spallati – bass
Jesus Vega – drums

Dima’s dedication to jazz has been around since early childhood. In his early twenties, he became part of two well-known Ukrainian jazz bands, Magnifika Group and Acoustic Quartet. After moving to Berin in 2013 Dima formed his own international band, which has shared many happy and glorious moments together. Some of the highlights are : the 2nd price of ’50. Jazz and Odra festival’ in Wroclaw (Poland, 2014), the 1st Price of Festival de Jazz à Montauban (France, 2014) and JIB-Jazz-Preis Der Karl Hofer Gesellschaft Gestiftet von Toni und Albrecht Kumm (Germany, 2015), 2nd Price of Umbria Jazz Festival (Italy, 2017). On September 2017 Dima’s Quintet released his debut album under the Unit Records called I’m Wondering. In beginning of 2018 Dima formed his new Quartet. This project played many concerts in Germany and Poland. On January 2019 Band got grant from Berliner Senat for recording album. Dima has been collaborating with many outstanding musicians of European and American scenes, among them – Greg Cohen, Joey Baron, NDR Big Band, Jim Black, Nels Cline, Steve Turre, Conrad Herwig and many others.


Photo © Victoria Vico 

10.10.19 – Kleppan Project

Amund Kleppan

Kleppan Project .

Julius Gawlik (DE) – saxophone/clarinet
Tal Arditi (IL) – guitar
Tom Berkmann (DE) – bass

Amund Kleppan (NO) – drums

Kleppan Project is a new group with international up-and-coming jazz musicians. The Norwegian jazz drummer Amund Kleppan recorded his debut album «Venture» earlier this year, which will be released in November. There will be presented music from this record in addition to other originals from the band members.

Amund Kleppan currently studies at the Jazz Institute Berlin and last year he won a Danish Music Award with his band Aloft Quartet. He has played with artists such as Arild Andersen, Marius Neset, Randy Ingram and Marcin Wasilewski.

Youtube: Amund Kleppan “Venture” 

24.10.19 – Gryniva / Ebobissé / Cholet


Gryniva / Ebobissé / Cholet
Ganna Gryniva – voice
Musina Ebobissé – saxophone
Quentin Cholet– drumsHaving roots in Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Germany, a Berlin-based vocalist, composer and bandleader Ganna Gryniva (Voice & Loops) aims to combine various musical worlds from jazz to folklore music. Ganna is touring extensively in Germany and abroad with her solo program for loops and voice, performing contemporary arrangements of original folk songs she collected on her travels through Ukrainian countryside. Ganna performs regularly with a variety of ensembles and her own groups such as the contemporary jazz quintet G À N N A that features a group of up-and-coming musicians of the European Jazz scene.
Various musical collaborations have led Ganna to tours in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Greece, Polen, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary and others.

Born in 1990, Musina Ebobissé (Tenor saxophone) is raised in Strasbourg (FR) where he starts playing saxophone at an early age. In 2013, Musina enters the Jazz Institut Berlin, where he studies with Peter Weniger, John Hollenbeck, Jim Black, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Greg Cohen among others. Benefiting from the vivid Berlin jazz scene, he performs in a variety of musical contexts such as contemporary jazz, improvised music, world music and swing. He has played in renowned international festivals like Jazz d’Or, Wolfijazz, Jazz in Marciac, MaerzMusik, and Jazz Burghausen. His current projects as a leader are the Musina Ebobissé Quintet, ERB Trio, and Blendreed. As a side man, he plays and has recorded with G Á N N A, Thjis de Kljin Quintet, the Hans Anselm Big Band.

Quentin Cholet (Drums) was exposed to music at his young age by his father who is a jazz pianist. He studied drums and classical percussions in different schools in France and eventually moved to the Jazz Institut of Berlin to study with John Hollenbeck. After he finished his studies he moved to South Korea to study several months the local traditional music. He now keeps studying with the musicians he met over these last years in Europe. Based in Berlin, her has recently been performing in China, South-Korea, Japan and Europe.

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07.11.19 – Graupe/Vesterberg/Roth

graupe vesterberg roth

Ronny Graupe – Gitarre
Albin Vesterberg – Gitarre
Jan Roth – SchlagzeugDie Band nutzt Skizzen und Stücke von Ronny Graupe als Ausgangspunkt für gemeinsame Improvisationen,
welche sich von verschiedensten Stilistiken inspirieren lassen.
Mit 2 elektrischen Harmonie-, als auch Melodieinstrumenten plus Schlagzeug werden verschiedene Klangräume beleuchtet. Dabei werden sowohl elektronische-, als auch akustische Elemente verwendet. Es könnte leise werden.


14.11.19 – Julius Windisch Quartet

Julius Windisch
Julius Windisch Quartet
Sölvi Kolbeinsson – sax
Julius Windisch – piano/comp
Felix Henkelhausen – bass
Max Santner – drums

Julius tries to think outside of categories and to combine different kinds of music that inspire him.

Complex rhythmical structures, playful, quick change of roles, free improvisations, simple and catchy melodies as well as a special harmonic language meet. He is lucky enough to have his compositions executed by one of the most sought-after players from the Berlin scene. Even though many parameters are set through the compositions there is still a good amount of freedom that makes the music sound different each time.

28.11.19 – Fyodor Stepanov’s “Legion Live in Us”

Fyodor Stepanov’s “Legion Live in Us”
Mette Nadja Hansen– vox,
Sölvi Kolbeinsson– clarinet/alto,
Joschka Oßke– keys,
Danil Zverkhanovsky– guitar,
Fyodor Stepanov– bass/comp,
Philip Dornbusch– drums.

Legion Live in Us is the ensemble and the collaboration of different artists set to interpret the music of a Russian composer and bass-player Fyodor Stepanov.
This project is dedicated to the songwriting as a form of storytelling, as, perhaps, one of the most ancient forms of art. 

The music draws its sonic vocabulary upon a vast array of sources, as diverse as the early XX-es century classical music (in particular, the works of pre-serial Stravinsky and Schoenberg, Charles Ives and the members of Les Six), with a good portion of pop and rock influences and some elements of free-improvised music, although without prescribing itself to any specific genre. 

The sources of literary inspiration behind the lyric writing sometimes may range between old science-fiction novels and the works of magical realism authors. 

Every song is a distinct character and, like the heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa (whose poem has lent its title to this project) coexisting under the cover of the same volume of selected poetry, every one of them lives its own life within the time of a concert. 

05.012.19 – Olga Amelchenko Quartet

Olga Almenchenko
Olga Amelchenko Quartet
Olga Amelchenko – Alto saxophone / Composition
Igor Osypov – Guitar
Igor Spallati – Double Bass
Jesus Vega – Drums
Created in November 2015, the Olga Amelchenko Quartet is an international band which brings together active young musicians from the Berlin jazz scene. Crossing barriers and frontiers, they establish a vivid communication through music, and strive for a multicultural form of expression. The bands opens up a field of experimentation, through which the compositions of the young saxophonist blend her modern jazz influences with Folk and Rock.

12.12.19 – Lindhorst/Pringle/Williams/Santner

postcard LPWS

Jonathan Lindhorst– saxophone
Mark Pringle – piano
Huw V Williams (UK) – bass
Max Santner – drums

An international collaboration of musicians from Canada, the UK, and Austria, dating back over 10 years when they first met at the JIMS Improvised Music Workshop in Salzburg, this stellar group presents original music that rests somewhere between the avant-garde corners of modern classical, free jazz, and art rock.



Jonathan and Mags
Photo © Mari Poller

Side-Ways Series is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the presentation and promotion of local Berlin and international artists from different scenes and styles within the jazz and improvised music community. We also foster international collaborations by bringing in musicians from other countries to perform with local musicians. Our mission is to provide the artists with a respectful and supportive environment where they can present their music in a serious way to an appreciative audience, and to build and develop that audience. The seasonal concert series was started by Mags Briggs and Jonathan Lindhorst in February 2016 and has been developed though the strong support and partnership with our host venue, the Cafe Dujardin in Wedding.


Past Lineups

Spring 2019
17.01.19: McHenry/Westergaard/Smith
24.01.19: Triebwerk Hornung
07.02.19: Rosemarine
21.02.19: Sebastian Noelle Quartet
07.03.19: Toms Rudzinskis Quintet
21.03.19: Hover Trout
04.04.19: Clair-obscur
18.04.19: Die Enttäuschung
02.05.19: Mirna Bogdanovic Group
23.05.19: Volcano Bjorn.


Fall 2018
06.09.18: Ohrenschmaus (Allemano/Sundland/Griener)
20.09.18: Tanrikulu’s A Priori
04.10.18: Tether
18.10.18: Myriad 3
01.11.18: Lindhorst/Pringle/Heneklhausen/Hočevar
08.11.18: Azolia
22.11.18: A.L.F. (Maksymiw/Henkelhausen/Wandinger)
06.12.18: Damir Out Loud presents: “Earworm!”
Spring 2018
01.02.18: Tanrikulu / Banner / Forde / Andrejowski
15.02.18: Lindhorst / Williams Quartet
01.03.18: Oliver Portraz’s ‘This Is Not My Dog’
15.03.18: Sebastien Ammann’s Color Wheel
29.03.18: Super Trio featuring Bill McHenry, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Joe Smith
12.04.18: Filipe Duarte Trio
19.04.18: Felix Henkelhausen Quintet
03.05.18: CAM (Weidner / Lang / Baumgärtner)
10.05.18: Ganna Gryniva’s ‘Dyki Lys’
24.05.18: Mussina Ebobisse Quintet
07.06.18: Dan Peter Sundland’s ‘Home Stretch’
Fall 2017
28.09.17: Melt Trio
12.10.17: Tal Arditi Trio
26.10.17: Kempendorff/Graupe/Donkin/Arutyunyan
02.11.17: Earshot
16.11.17: Dima Bondarev Quartet CD Release
30.11.17: Lunar Mansions
07.12.17: Anne Mette Iversen’s ‘Ternion Quartet’
21.12.17: Fake Noise
Spring 2017
12.01.17: Sven Ziebarth Quintet
26.01.17: Mussina Ebobissé’s ‘Steeping Time’
02.02.17: Filipe Duarte Trio
09.02.17: Dima Bondarev Quartet
16.02.17: Delius / Banner / Forde / Andrzejewski
23.02.17: Ear Conditioning
02.03.17: At the Races
16.02.17: The Good Old Good Ones
30.03.17: David Molina’s ‘Ambrodavi’
13.04.17: Volcano Björn
27.04.17: Olga Amelchenko Quartet
11.05.17: Alex Maksymiw Trio
Fall 2016
01.09.16:  Lindhorst / Maksymiw / Sundland / Baumgärtner
15.09.16:  Far East Trio
29.09.16:  Igor Osypov Quartet
13.10.16:  Volcano Bjorn
27.10.16: Earshot
10.11.16: Holan Lovett
24.11.16: Frog ! (Striffler / Forde / Banner)
01.12.16: Alex Baboian Trio
08.12.18: BOUNCE
Spring 2016
18.02.16: Jonathan Lindhorst Quartet
17.03.16: Lindhorst / Molina Quartet
14.04.16: Maksymiw / Henkelhausen / Leipnitz
28.4.16: The Good Old Good Ones
12.05.16: Lindhorst / Janke / Sundland
02.06.16: Eyal Lovett Trio
17.07.16: Meinhart / Maksymiw Quartet
21.07.16: Lindhorst / Ammann Quintet

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