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17.01.19 – McHenry/Westergaard/Smith



Bill McHenry – saxophone (NYC)
Jonas Westergaard – bass
Joe Smith – drums
The Side-Ways Series is excited to launch our 7th edition with a very special concert featuring three internationally acclaimed musicians in the first performance of a new project. Visiting NYC saxophonist Bill McHenry will be joined by Danish bassist Jonas Westergaard, and Berlin based drummer Joe Smith for a very special evening of improvised music.
Come out to Cafe Dujardin to celebrate the first our first concert of 2019!
€10-15 suggested donation.
Bill McHenry is a saxophone player and composer who lives in New York, Barcelona, and Maine. He has made 7 recordings as a leader, and is known for his work with Andrew Cyrille, Paul Motian, Eric Revis, Guillermo Klein, Andrew D’Angelo, Reid Anderson, Orrin Evans, John McNeil, Ben Waltzer, Rebecca Martin, Duane Eubanks, Jamie Saft, and Ethan Iverson.
Jonas Westergaard, der aus Kopenhagen stammt, studierte am Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium. Seit den 1990er-Jahren arbeitet er in der dänischen und deutschen Jazz- und Improvisationsszene u. a. mit Christopher Dell, Benjamin Koppel, Christian Lillinger, Henrik Walsdorff, Marc Schmolling, im Trio Spoom (mit Ronny Graupe und Christian Lillinger[1]), ferner mit Michael Wollny sowie den Formationen Delirium (u. a. mit Mikko Innanen) und Field (mit Oliver Steidle, Ronny Graupe und Uli Kempendorff). Im Bereich des Jazz war Westergaard zwischen 1997 und 2012 an 33 Aufnahmesessions beteiligt,[2] außer den Genannten auch mit Jakob Bro, George Garzone, Søren Kjærgaard, Jesper Løvdal, Hans Ulrik, Petter Wettre und Jesper Zeuthen. Nachdem ihm 2006 ein Spezialpreis des Danmarks Radio verliehen worden war, nahm er mit einem Nonett das Album Helgoland (2008) mit Eigenkompositionen auf.
Joe Smith was born in Galesburg, Illinois, a small town west of Chicago. He studied Classical percussion and Jazz drumming at the Cincinnati Conservatory, the Manhattan School of Music and privately with Vernel Fournier, Jimmy Lovelace, John Von Olen, John Riley and Jeff Williams. From 1991 until 2000, Joe lived in New York City playing with and learning from many of the best musicians the scene had to offer and formed his first group Initium Ensemble. After moving to Barcelona in 2000, he released two disc’s as a leader. Happy (2002) and Melodic Workshop (2004)(Fresh sound records) which features Bill McHenry, Gorka Benitez, Guillermo Klein, Chris Lightcap and Jorge Rossy. Joe has been a featured sideman on the recordings of John McNeil, Arthur Kell, Ryan Blotnick, Fredrik Carlquist, Brandon Miller and many others. He has toured extensively in Europe, the Americas, and the Scandinavian Countries. In 2008 he formed the Asociación Libre Orkesta, a free form Big Band which performs improvised music inspired by his poetry and projected Images. In the fall of 2011, he moved to Berlin taking part in the Deutsches Theater’s production of Shakespeare. Spiele für Mörder, Opfer und Sonstige, directed by Dimiter Gotscheff. He is currently playing as a sideman in the groups of Larry Porter, Johannes Lauer, Johannes Haage, Juan De Diego, Jaume Llombart, Alex Kozmidi, Kyra Garey and many more. He also leads his own group, Joe Smith’s Melodic Workshop and has a duo with Ganna Gryniva. In 2015 Joe published a collection of his short stories called “Nickels & Dimes and other Stories” Joe has over 20 years of professional teaching experience and is currently teaching at the Berlin/Brandenburg International School (BBIS) and privately at his studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

24.01.19 – Triebwerk Hornung


Triebwerk Hornung
Wanja Slavin – Saxophon
Ludwig Hornung – Fender Rhodes, Kompositionen
Oliver Steidle – Schlagzeug
Wanja Slavin, Oliver Steidle und Ludwig Hornung bilden mit der einzigartigen Kombination aus Saxophon, Fender Rhodes und Schlagzeug das „Triebwerk Hornung“, dessen Bestreben es ist, stets ein hohes Maß an Energie, Abwechslungsreichtum und Dichte zu erreichen, was durch die intime Besetzung unterstützt, beziehungsweise forciert wird. Überbordende, ausladende Passagen haben ebenso eine Daseinsberechtigung wie lyrische und fragile Momente; die Kommunikation untereinander steht über Allem. Stilistisch dem Jazz verschrieben, finden sich Elemente des Rock, des Drum and Bass sowie der Freien Musik zusammen zu einem homogenen Gemisch, das den Hörer mal fordert, mal einlullt, jedoch nie langweilt.
In Oliver Steidle, umtriebiger Schlagzeuger der nationalen und internationalen Szene, und Wanja Slavin, Echopreisträger, Innovator und festes Bestandteil des deutschen Jazzgeschehens, fand Initiator und Spiritus rector Ludwig Hornung, Stipendiat des Berliner Senats, die geeigneten Weggenossen, seine Klangvortsellungen umzusetzen.
„Detailscharfe, lebendige Interaktion statt affirmativer Unterhaltung.“ – FAZ
“Hier wird nicht nur voller Energie und Lust ausgelassen frei improvisiert, sondern
Kommunikation in allen Facetten betrieben. (…) Grandios!” – Jazz thing
“Eine überraschende, spannungsgeladene Musik zwischen Retro und Moderne. Höhepunkte sind immer wieder die Zwiegespräche zwischen Ludwig Hornung und seinen kongenialen Partnern.” – Jazzpodium

07.02.19 – Rosemarine


Mia Knop Jacobson – voice
Igor Osypov – guitar
Philip Dornbusch – drums
It´s those trashy, grungy vibes combined with electronic sounds of tomorrow, framed by outstanding songwriting of highly acclaimed musicians that makes this band an experience in itself. Formed in 2017, ROSEMARINE is about to drop their first album with a collection of original songs. It’s an artistic statement, a sonical trip, a smack in the face, a recreation of a musical identity that sets the band up into a new artistic journey where a sensitivity for clear pictures goes hand in hand with powerful soundscape and a deep connection to their musical roots.

21.02.19 – Sebastian Noelle Quartet (NYC)

sn cornelia

Sebastian Noelle Quartet (NYC)
Johannes Lauer – trombone
Sebastian Noelle – guitar (NYC)
Josh Ginsburg – bass
Tobias Backhaus – drums
Guitarist-composer Sebastian Noelle has spent much of his life traveling the elusive path between two worlds. In life, he travels back and forth between his native Germany and his adopted home of New York City; in his art, he navigates the more fluid boundaries between the abstract and the emotional. Throughout that nomadic existence, music has provided a constant source of shelter, an idea that unifies the wide-ranging music on Noelle’s third CD.
On Shelter (due out June 3rd via Fresh Sound New Talent), Noelle leads a stellar quintet that brings together some of the most forward-thinking and limitless musicians in modern jazz: saxophonist Marc Mommaas (Amina Figarova, Armen Donelian), pianist Matt Mitchell (Dave Douglas, Tim Berne), bassist Matt Clohesy (Seamus Blake, Darcy James Argue, Donny McCaslin), and drummer Dan Weiss (Rudresh Mahanthappa, Dave Binney).
Noelle’s own impressive credentials since arriving in New York in 2002 include more than a decade with Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, the BMI Jazz Composer’s Workshop Orchestra, the Chris Potter Big Band, the Aaron Irwin Quintet, and the New York Jazzharmonic.
The compositions on Shelter spotlight Noelle’s far-reaching interests, bringing together disparate musical influences, inspiration from documentary film and German literature, and his studies of North Indian rhythms. The album’s ten compositions also manage the tricky feat of melding ambitious complexity with emotional communication.
“A lot of times musicians these days deal in ideas that are abstract and sometimes mathematical,” Noelle says. “I find that very inspiring and my music can go to those places, but the essence of what I want to express with my music is something relatable and concrete and human.”

07.03.19 – Toms Rudzinskis Quintet

Toms Rudzinskis Quintet
Toms Rudzinskis – sax
Igor Osypov – guitar
Povel Widestrand – piano
Josh Ginsburg – bass
Fabian Rosch – drums
The Quintet plays a fusion of avant-garde and jazz exploring the possibilities of electronics. Heavily rhythmic and melodic yet leaving enough space for the improvised and unexpected. Come, dive in.
Toms Rudzinskis is one of the leading innovative Latvian saxophone players and composers with a unique sound in his performance and compositions.
After graduating from the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Toms currently resides in Riga, Latvia and travels across Europe to perform, collaborate and educate. Leading his own band or performing as a well-respected soloist and sideman you can meet Toms in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Georgia, Curacao, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, the Baltic States and the list goes on.
Besides numerous jazz and classical music awards, Toms has been chosen as the Best Soloist at the international big band competition “Meer Jazz”, and won the “Keep an Eye” Jazz award with the quartet “North by Northeast”, competing against musicians from New York, Boston, Philadelphia and The Netherlands. In 2012, Toms was selected as the Jazz ambassador of the internationally recognized venue Bimhuis. In 2013 won the Grand Prix in the prestigious “Burghausen Jazz competition” with “Matiss Cudars quartet”, which led to an opportunity to share the stage with internationally recognized Cassandra Wilson. In 2015 Toms won the “Dutch Jazz Competition” Grand Prix with Loran Witteveen quintet which led to a tour in 2016 covering the biggest venues in The Netherlands.
In 2014 Toms released debut album “ABRA” that got nominated for the Latvian Grammy Award Latvijas Mūzikas ierakstu gada balva “Zelta Mikrofons” in two categories – The Best Jazz album and The Best Debut and gaining a wider recognition and following in his homeland.

21.03.19 – Hover Trout

Hover Trout
Jonathan Lindhorst -saxophone
Matt Adomeit – bass
Sly Juhas – drums
Hover Trout is a Berlin-based trio comprised of Canadian saxophonist Jonathan Lindhorst, his countryman Sly Juhas on drums and American bassist Matt Adomeit. Their original music is influenced by indie rock, jazz, and Americana, and they have been known to sprinkle the occasional 90s pop cover or jazz standard into their repertoire as well.

04.04.19 Clair-obscur

clair-obscur 1
Marie Krüttli – piano
Otis Sandsjö – saxophone
Domi Chansorn – bass
Lukas Traxel – drums
« It was clear that love, without us noticing was holding everything together, gave to things and beings the strength that made them stand up. There is suddenly everything to fear for the girders, the joists and the frames… »
Christiane Singer
Clair – obscur is a new quartet combining 3 Swiss musicians and a Swedish musician. Two of them live in Berlin, two of them live in Zürich. What binds these four musicians is before any the intensity that they put in the way they play. Something rooted, powerful, that always has to resonate in the body, that always has to make you move, make you react. A music close to the ground, close to people. Each musician has a very personal way of playing their instrument, a strong personality. These young and talented musicians create together a language which connects, unifies, makes you feel! All have their blackness, their depth but all also their lightness, their humor and their sensibility. So many things which feed their artistic approach and makes this band fresh, unique and with a rare authenticity.
An olympic delegation of young lions! Wolfgang Zwiauer, 2018
Praise for the musicians of Clair – Obscur:
«Otis Sandsjö, gives an object lesson in focus and forensic detail in the arrangements »
JAZZWISE, Kevin Le Gendre, 11.11.2016
« phlegmatic gentleness » (About otis Sandsjö) THE GUARDIAN
« Be careful, Domi doesn’t let himself be put into a musical corner, he’s an allrounder…he is unique in the swiss music scene. »
«For sure: Domi Chansorn is one of the most exciting figures
in the swiss music scene.» Bee-Flat, Progr Bern, CH
«This young lady is phenomenal» (About Marie Kruttli) David Murray, Saxophonist, ZKB Jazz award
Laudatio (28. Apr. 2016)
«She plays exactly what needs to be played» (About Marie Kruttli)
Pierre Tenne, Djamlarevue
«Kruttli’s concept works» Ulfert Goeman, Jazzpodium
«A clear and precise touch, a knowledge of the repertoire and interplay» (About Marie Kruttli)
Matthieu Jouan, Citizen Jazz – November 2016

18.04.19 – Die Enttäuschung


Die Enttäuschung
Rudi Mahall – bass clarinet, clarinet
Axel Dörner – trumpet
Christof Thewes – trombone
Jan Roder – bass
Michael Griener – drums
What’s the best jazz combo today? An elder statesman’s allstar band? Some recent hotshot conservatory grads? A mid-career hero’s touring group? For my money, none of the above. Instead, an unassuming, mildly self-abnegating foursome from Berlin is the heaviest working band in small-group jazz. Die Enttäuschung – a name that invites its own comments (and deflates any grand self-assertion like the above), translated as “the disappointment” – has been around since the end of the ‘90s … Playing intimate music firmly rooted in free-bop, with an open sound, melodic improvising and a clear delight in swinging (and interrupting the swing), the group’s frontline is immediatley arresting, a gush of musicality … The band takes the good old idea that charts are springboards for playing, for music that is not on the page. There’s an absence of rigidity, there is serious listening, a playful attitude, humility and musical ambition, all rolled into one. No disappointment, at any level.
John Corbett, Downbeat
02.05.19 – Mirna Bogdanovic Group
2017-01-21_mirna bogdanovic_foto_dovile sermokas_14 copy_smaller
Mirna Bogdanovic Group
Mirna Bogdanavic – voice
Wanja Slavin – sax
Felix Henkelhausen – bass
Arne Braun – guitar
Povel Widestrand – keys
Fabian Rösch – drums
Mirna Bogdanovic Group is a group of Berlin based jazz musicians, that have met during their music studies and through playing together in various projects. The compositions and arrangements written by Mirna, are dedicated to discovering possibilities and broadening the horizons of the voice in a modern jazz context. The group is going to the studio beginning of 2019, to record their debut album, the program of which you will hear at this very occasion.
“Singer/composer Mirna Bogdanovic has been a strong presence on the European jazz scene for some years now.
Her sultry tone, expressive phrasing and total musicality, make her the choice of many musicians “in the know”.
Comfortable in all walks of musical life, Ms. Bogdanovic is guaranteed to please.”
– Greg Cohen
Mirna Bogdanović is a slovenian jazz singer-songwriter based in Berlin. Former member of The German National Jazz Orchestra (BuJazzO) and Downbeat winner has graduated from the Jazz Institute Berlin in the class of Judy Niemack, Greg Cohen and Kurt Rosenwinkel.
Mirna is an active member of the Berlin Jazz scene, a part of various jazz projects as a singer and composer, and the scholar of the prestigious Elsa Neumann scholarship of the Berlin University of Arts.
23.05.19 – Volcano Bjorn
Volcano Bjorn
Sölvi Kolbeinsson – Saxophone
Arne Braun – Guitar
Felix Henkelhausen – Bass
Ludwig Wandinger – Drums
Volcano Bjorn is an international band formed in Berlin 2015 by four young musicians, saxophonist Sölvi Kolbeinsson (Iceland), guitarist Arne Braun (Finland), bassist Felix Henkelhausen (Germany) and drummer Ludwig Wandinger (Germany). They met at the Jazz-Institut Berlin where they have had lessons with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Julia Hülsmann, John Hollenbeck, Jim Black. Greg Cohen and Peter Weniger to mention a few. Volcano Bjorn have played numerous gigs in Germany as well as appearing at the Reykjavík Jazz Festival in Iceland 2017 and Jeppis Jazz Festival in Finland 2018. They play their own compositions, with certain forms and structures but always a lot of space for interaction and improvisation. Every band member can act completely free and lead the music to uncertain places.



Jonathan and Mags
Photo © Mari Poller

Side-Ways Series (formerly Dujardin Jazz Nights) is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the presentation and promotion of local Berlin artists from different scenes and styles within the jazz and improvised music community. We also foster international collaborations by bringing in musicians from other countries to perform with local musicians. Our mission is to provide the artists with a respectful and supportive environment where they can present their music in a serious way to an appreciative audience, and to build and develop that audience. The seasonal concert series was started by Mags Briggs and Jonathan Lindhorst in February 2016 and has been developed though the strong support and partnership with our host venue, the Cafe Dujardin in Wedding.


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29.09.16:  Igor Osypov Quartet
13.10.16:  Volcano Bjorn
27.10.16: Earshot
10.11.16: Holan Lovett
24.11.16: Frog ! (Striffler / Forde / Banner)
01.12.16: Alex Baboian Trio
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02.06.16: Eyal Lovett Trio
17.07.16: Meinhart / Maksymiw Quartet
21.07.16: Lindhorst / Ammann Quintet

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